Baby Shower Bingo MERMAID VIBES Printables

Kabana Kids


Mermaid Vibes Baby Shower Bingo is the perfect game to play at a Mermaid themed baby shower!  Purchase it, and you will be able to instantly download it and print it out!

There are 30 different pre-filled Baby Bingo cards, each with a different compilation of baby-related words.  Print and cut them out, and you have a ready-made Baby Shower game.

How to Prepare:

Print the cards out from a color printer (if you don’t have one, you can use one at a copy center) on card stock and cut them out.  Print out the Word List pages.  You can either cut out the individual the words from the Word List pages, put them in a jar, cup, or other container to draw them one-at-a-time and call out each word ( put it aside after you read it), or you can just randomly read the words off from the word lists (and check them off after you read each one).

Other Suggested Items to Have:

  • Pens, pencils, paint sticks, or some type of space markers (like chips, candies, little toys, etc.) for each guest
  • A prize (or prizes) for the winner/s

How to Play:

Give each guest a Bingo card, and either a pen, pencil, paint stick, or pieces such as chips, little candies, for marking the spaces on their cards.  Either draw a word from the jar (and call it out, putting it aside afterwards so do don’t use the same word again), or read it from the list and mark it off.  When a word is called, guests check for the word on their card and mark it off it they have it.  Choose another word and so on and so on until someone fills a row on their card and calls out “Bingo.”  You can play as many times as you like.


Please note that this is a digital product.  You can instantly download it here, and it will also be emailed to you, as a digital, non-editable PDF file.  It is formatted to be printed on standard 8.5” x 11” paper.  We recommended printing it on while card stock.

If you have any trouble downloading it and/or you haven’t received it, please email us at and we will assist you right away.

Kabana Kids’ digital downloads/printables are for your own personal use only, and you may print them out and use them as many times as you’d like.  They are not for resale or commercial use.