Wholesale Product Options

Our products display really well.  They are made exceptionally well with the finest materials.  They sell great when customers are able see them and feel them.

Consider displaying our products with similarly themed groupings.  For example, bags with other beach gear, beach wear, beach supplies, even vacation outfit ensembles.  

Display coordinating mats together, to show how they make a great set!  You can sell bags and mats separately, and/or as sets.

Add Your Own Touch to Our Products

If you so choose, feel free to:

  • Replace our hang tags with your own 
  • Add your own SKU's, UPC codes, etc.
  • Go way above our MSRP's.
  • Replace our product labels with your own.
  • Have our bags (i.e. the front pocket) embroidered with your location, store name, branding, customer's name (it you offer personalized products)
  • Combine our products with other products to create bundles, gift sets, etc.
  • Add our products to gift baskets.
  • Use our product as promotional products.
  • The options are limitless!