Hotel and Resort Gift Products

hawaiian gift shop items

Products for Hotel, Resort, and Attraction Gift Shops

Kabana Kids designs and produces beachy, breezy and bright products for beach-lovers, travelers, and families on-the-go!  Kabana Kids' products are perfect for the tourism gift market, and make great additions to hotel, resort, and attraction gift shops.  Our collection includes multi-purpose bags, kids’ play/beach mats, apparel, accessories, and more.  Many items can be customized and/or semi-customized.  We can also create customized gift sets and customized hang tags, and create original designs for apparel exclusively for your company.  See our lookbook.hawaiian gifts

Above: Hawaiian and tropical gift items, including Tropical Green and Pink Sand Beachy Bags, Hawaiian Floral and Green Pineapple play/beach mats, and related gift items that pair well with them.

blue gift shop items
Above: cool blues -- gift shop items in beach, ocean blue tones, including Coastal Sky beachy bag, Boats Galore play/beach mat, Surf Baby onesie and coordinating products.


Products That Families Love

Based in Ventura, California, Kabana Kids designs and manufactures original, exceptionally made beachy products that any family traveler would love, including beach-inspired bags, mats, children and baby items, and more. 

Our oversized bags are in a classic, casual-chic style, made from the highest quality cotton canvas, cotton ripstop lining, and eco-friendly, non-toxic vegan leather.  They are ideal for use as a travel bag, beach bag, pool bag, diaper bag, family outing bag, and so much more! 

Our mats are ideal for kids of all ages as play mats, beach mats, and pool mats, and for lounging on the grass, or for having a picnic.  They come in the most adorable, whimsical, beachy prints, and coordinate with and fit into our bags.  We also have some cute beachy baby onesies and hats, and we’re working on additional products.

Products can be bundled as gift sets and/or displayed with complimentary items to encourage customers to purchase together.

Customized and Semi-Customized Products

Our collection can be customized to meet the needs of your specific customer – we can change the name of our products and add a customized hang tag with your store/hotel/resort name and branding and other preferences.  We can also bundle product gift sets for you at your request.  Additionally, we can create customized designs for baby onesies, and baby, child, and adult t-shirts, in our whimsical art style and with your location and branding.  We can also create customized hang tags on all products based on your needs.

beach baby onesies

Above: Kabana Kids' original designs for whimsical, beachy baby onesies 

customized onesies

Above: some customized baby onesies

Beachy Baby and Kids' Clothing

Kabana Kids designs cute, whimsical baby onesies and kids' t-shirts with our own fun, original beachy designs.  Additional designs are in the works.  We can customize onesies and t-shirts with your destination, location, branding, etc.  We can also do customized drawings/designs exclusively for your destination, resort, shop, etc.


original artwork
Above: Kabana Kids' original artwork



Fun, Beachy Product Displays

Kabana Kids' products display very well and can be arranged with other products in similar themes and styles.  Display coordinating bags and mats together.  Display our products with similarly themed items.  For example, display any of our bags and mats with other beach essentials, or with beach toys or other toys and accessories in the same theme or color scheme.  Display bags as part of an outfit, as they make great accessories for parents-on-the-go. 

Kabana Kids also creates customized gift sets including coordinating product bundles, to which you can also add other related products.


gift shop product display
Above: some examples of how Kabana Kids' products can be displayed with other products
bags for gift shops
Above: Kabana Kids' bags can be styled and displayed with a variety of outfits.

gift sets

Above: Kabana Kids can bundle products for you to sell as gift sets.

More Products in the Works

Kabana Kids is in the process of designing several more products for babies, kids, families, beach-goers and travelers.  Among them are baby and children's clothing and accessories, beach gear, toys, and decor.  

beachy dresses
Above: Kabana Kids is working on new products, including baby, toddler and girls' beachy and tropical sun dresses, beachy baby bibs, and tummy time pillows and toys.

Products for Resort Gift Shops, Hotel Gift Shops, and Destinations

Kabana Kids creates unique, original, high-quality beach-inspired family products that are perfect for travelers.  Kabana Kids’ products make great souvenirs for guests to take home; they also are extremely useful for guests to use during their visit and travels.

Our products do very well when customers can actually see them (and feel the luxurious fabric) in person.  They also display well, on their own, as a collection, and paired with other travel accessories and coordinated items. 

In addition to our current collection, we can create items specifically for your destination, including gift sets with our bags, mats, and onesies.  You can also add other products to these sets.  We can customize our bags with your location embroidered on the front pocket, add customized hang tags to products, and create onesies and t-shirts with your destination, location, branding, etc.  We can also create fully customized onesies, t-shirts and other items with original drawings/designs exclusive to your company. 
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