The Perfect Family Beach Bag

The Perfect Family Beach Bag 0

The perfect family beach day starts with the perfect beach bag!  Kabana Kids’ signature Beachy Diaper Bags were made for this!  They’re not just “diaper bags”; they’re made to go with you and your family to the beach and everywhere else!

family beach bag

When choosing the right beach bag for your family, you’ll want one that’s large, roomy, soft and strong, and easy to pack and carry.  The best beach bags are versatile, convenient, portable, convertible, and stylish.  Here are some things to look for when selecting your family beach bag.

navy beach bag

Tips for choosing the perfect family beach bag:

Large and Roomy – your beach bag should be able to carry a lot!  When going to the beach, especially with kids, you’ll likely bring along all kinds of stuff.  The right bag allows you to pack it all in!  See beach bag packing tips below.

blue beach bag

Soft Yet Strong and Sturdy – a soft bag lets you expand your bag as much as you need, so you can pack as much or as little as you wish, and also lets you store it away and pack it up without taking up too much room.  A sturdy bag travels well, holds up throughout all your outings and adventures, and lasts over time.  Kabana Kids’ bags are made of soft yet sturdy cotton canvas, are fully lined inside, have a tough waterproof bottom and a large, sturdy zipper on top.

green beach bag

Easy to Carry – backpack straps can very useful.  Kabana Kids’ beach bags include two sets of straps, for extra convenience and versatility: one set allows you to carry it as a tote or over the shoulder; the other set allows you to wear it as a backpack! 

pink beach backpack

Waterproof – having a bag that’s waterproof on the bottom is a huge bonus!  You can set it on wet sand and the inside of your bag won’t get wet.  Kabana Kids’ beach bags have luxurious non-toxic vegan leather on the bottom for extra safe protection.

green beach bag

More Convenient Features – pockets inside and out are great for holding things like wallets, cell phones, keys, etc.; a strong zipper on top keeps things from spilling out; lining inside adds to durability; and great construction means your bag will hold up over time.  Kabana Kids’ beach bags have all these great features and more!

family beach bags

Stylish – looks also matter when it comes to a great beach bag!  Be sure to choose one that matches your family’s beach style.  Kabana Kids’ beach bags are casual beachy-chic, and come in six fun beachy (as well as nautical and tropical colors): Coastal Sky, Pink Sand, Tropical Green, Coconut, Sand & Navy, and Deep Navy.  Check them out here!  Our bags coordinate stylishly and conveniently with our Beachy Play Mats (awesome beach mats for kids of all ages).  See them here!  You can also buy them as a bundle here!

family beach gear

Here are some ideas for what to pack in your family beach bag.
 What to Pack in Your Bag for a Family Day at the Beach

family beach bag

  • Towels and/or mats
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Pouches (for carrying smaller items)
  • Hats
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Water and beach toys
  • Wipes
  • Extra bags (for trash, wet things, seashells, etc.)

 Family beach days are the best days!  Make all your beach days great, starting with the perfect beach bag!

family beach bag

Shop Kabana Kids’ beach bags here!  Shop bag and mat bundles here!

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Portable Play Mats for Outings with Little Ones

Portable Play Mats for Outings with Little Ones 0

Have you ever been somewhere and wanted or needed to let your little one sit and play on the floor for a bit?  But you couldn’t because you didn’t have anything to protect them from the dirty surface?

In these situations, having a ready-to-use play mat with you can be really helpful!

Getting out and about with babies and toddlers requires some planning.  Sometimes we try to time it just right, when they’re fed, changed, and ready to nap.  But, sometimes, things don’t go as planned.  Sometimes, they’re not tired.  Or, they are tired, but won’t sleep.  Sometimes they don’t want to be in their stroller or car seat.  Sometimes, littles get antsy, and need to stretch their little limbs.  On the floor is where they want to be.  Right now.  Pronto. 

What they need is a mat that is large enough for a baby to lie on or a toddler or older child to sit on, spread out on, and stretch, play, read, snuggle, etc. 

A play mat can be a great protective barrier between a child and the floor or ground.  And while a blanket or towel can sometimes do the trick, there are times when you want a little bit of padding. 

Kabana Kids’ portable Beachy Play Mats were made with this purpose in mind.  They’re big enough to allow little ones to spread out, but compact and easy to fold and stash so you can take them with you.  And, they coordinate cohesively with Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats, making not only an adorable put-together ensemble, but also allowing you maximum portability and convenience.

Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats are made with soft cotton on top, water resistant nylon underneath, and light padding in between.  And, they’re sewn in panels, making them quick and easy to fold up and take with you.

They are perfect for those times when your little one needs a little floor time, no matter where you are – at a friend’s house, in a waiting room, at an older child’s sporting event or dance class, at the airport, in a hotel room, at the zoo, the park, at home, anywhere.  They’re also great for the beach, at the pool, on a picnic, or lounging in your backyard. 

Many Uses for Play Mats

Take your playmat with you wherever you go!  You can fold it up and put it in your diaper bag, and have it with you for when you need it.  It can come in handy in lots of locations and circumstances.  For example:

  • Multi-Functional -- Playmats are useful for resting, sleeping, tummy time, playing, picnicking, lounging, reading or looking at a book, coloring or drawing, diaper changing, playing a game, cuddling, and more. Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats are large enough for older kids too, for more than one child at a time, and for parents and kids to snuggle together. 

For Babies

  • Playmats offer several benefits, including fun and entertainment, a diversion and new perspective, a break for the little one and parent, and developmental benefits.
  • For babies, playmats allow them to stretch out on their back, roll over onto tummy, push up with arms (tummy time), practice rolling over, crawling.
  • You can lay your baby down, or sit them up (depending on age), and give them some toys, teethers, or board books to explore. You can also place an activity bar with dangling toys above them, or turn them over for some tummy time (with a support pillow and toys). 

For Toddlers and Older Kids

  • For toddlers, playmats are great for playing with all sorts of toys and looking at books. For older kids, playmats are perfect for lounging and reading a book, playing with toys, or playing a game.

For Gifts

  • Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats make a great gift. Pair them with some toys, books, or other items that go with their theme, and you have a thoughtful, unique, fun and useful gift set!

For Traveling

  • Play mats are great for traveling. When paired with a Kabana Kids Beachy Diaper Bag (also an amazing beach, pool, overnight and everyday bag), you can take your Beachy Play Mat with you everywhere you go! 

About Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats

Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats feature fun, whimsical, beachy prints, and they coordinate with, fit into, and pair perfectly with Beachy Diaper Bags.  Together, this combination is perfect for parents who like to get out and about with their children.  The mats fold up easily and fit inside these bags, which can also be carried as backpacks.  Families who like to travel, go on day trips or outings, and share fun experiences together will especially love these bags and mats.  Here is some more information:

Beachy Play Mat Highlights:

  • Convenient, Versatile, Multi-Functional, Multi-Purpose, Handy, Sustainable
  • Goes and grows with your family
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be used for babies, toddlers, and older kids, even with more than one kid
  • Large enough for you to sit on with your child
  • Adorable, whimsical prints


  • Highest quality, safe materials
  • Exceptionally well made
  • Soft, 100% cotton on top, water resistant nylon on bottom, light padding in between
  • Sewn in four panels to fold up easily


  • Portable
  • Fold up and pack into bag
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Machine washable


  • Cute, colorful, whimsical beachy prints
  • Luxurious, soft fabric
  • Match/coordinate with our diaper bags


  • Getting out and about with little ones
  • Traveling
  • Conveniently fit into bag, ready to use when you need it
  • Take it with you wherever you go
  • Comes in handy for lots of things
  • Great gift

See our Beachy Play Mat collection here.  See our Bag and Play Mat Bundles here.

Fun, Beachy Printables Brighten Up Rooms

Fun, Beachy Printables Brighten Up Rooms 0

Download and Print These Adorable Beachy Prints, Frame Them, and Add Them to Any Room to Give it a Bright, Beachy, Summery Boost!

beach baby printable art

Here’s a fun, simple and inexpensive way to add a whimsical summer touch to a nursery, kids’ room, or any other room!  Kabana Kids has several adorable, beachy artwork designs you can download and use as you wish. 

hula girl baby room printable art


beach baby printable art

Print them out (on a color printer), frame them, and display them on the wall or on a shelf.  Group them with other related prints and/or some props or decorative items in a similar theme and you have a whole new look!

beach baby girl printable art

pink flamingo baby room printable art


You can use these printables in any room – nursery, child’s room, play room, powder room, family room, classroom, office, etc. – or as party décor, as part of a craft or invitation, or other project.  The options are limitless!

pink dolphin printable art

Our printables feature Kabana Kids’ own original whimsical artwork.  Themes include: beach, surf, mermaids, dolphins, Hawaii, pineapple, and more.  Click here to see all designs.


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas 0

Here are some fun, festive, kid-friendly St. Patrick's Day party ideas. 

St. Patrick's Day Menu

  • Pot O’ Golden Nuggets – chicken nuggets in a big black pot

  • Shamrock pasta – tossed with olive oil

  • Mini shamrock sandwiches (cut out with a shamrock cookie cutter)

  • Rainbow fruit tray – with clouds (mini marshmallows) and gold (gold wrapped chocolates) on ends

  • Veggie tray (carrots, celery, cucumbers, and cauliflower) and ranch dip in green bell pepper

  • Tortilla chips and guacamole

  • Potato chips and dip

  • Beverages: Gatorade, water

  • Plus (not pictured) slow cooked Irish stew (beef, potatoes, carrots, onions) in Guinness beer, served with Irish soda bread

  • Sweets table: assorted green and shamrocks cookies and short bread, and a variety of green and rainbow candy

The table spread features all the fun and festive St. Patrick's Day food!  The house is decked out in green, shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, gold coins, rainbows, and signs of good luck.  

Decorations include a large blow-up leprechaun, Irish blessing print outs, hanging shamrocks, banners, pot of green beads, St. Patrick's Day children's books, gold coins scattered around, white and green string lights, banners, green sashes, rainbow streamers, and fun props.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Diaper Bag Inspired Outfits

Diaper Bag Inspired Outfits 0

Kabana Kids’ Beachy Diaper bags can be inspiration for a variety of outfits and looks.  While these bags great for moms, they’re not just for moms.  They are really versatile and go way beyond diaper duty.  You can use them for anything you’d use a large bag for – travel, overnight bag, big purse, beach bag, pool bag, yoga bag (you can fit a yoga mat inside and still have room for other items), family bag, school bag, work bag, adventure bag, sports bag, picnic bag, you name it.  They are also wearable as backpacks, making them even more convenient. 

We’ve styled a few looks based on the Beachy Diaper Bags.  These looks are great for the remainder of winter and well into Spring.  We’ll do a summer look book a little later as well.  As you can see, our bags (which are elegantly casual) work really well with jeans and booties, but they also wear really well with office attire. 

Diaper Bag Inspired Outfits



Coconut Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

This warm, cinnamon brown bag with brown vegan leather on the bottom is perfect for winter looks.  Here, it’s shown with a warm sweater, brown leather jacket, and pretty scarf.

Tropical Green Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

This jade green bag, with brown vegan leather on the bottom, looks really good with neutrals – tans, cremes, browns, off whites – and various shades of green.  We paired it with jeans, booties, a soft green top, and chunky oatmeal sweater.



Deep Navy Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

This deep blue bag offers lots of outfit possibilities.  You can wear it with jeans, cute dresses, work attire, and more.  We included a few different looks: super casual and comfy with jeans, a plaid shirt and boots; fun and springy with a navy top and print palazzo capris; and cute and flirty with a white and navy striped mini dress and denim jacket.


Sand and Navy Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

We’ve paired this natural nautical bag (with a touch of navy) with a workwear outfit to show what range it has!  This outfit includes a classic tan blazer, skinny navy blue slacks, a silky red blouse (for a pop of color), and natural colored pumps.


Coastal Sky Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

This bag is so soft and summery.  It’s also great for spring, and can be worn with a lot of different looks, with blues, denims, white, off white, tan, and neutrals.  It looks really cute with jeans or white pants, capris or shorts.  Here’s a simple outfit to wear with this bag: jeans, white jacket, blue top, sandals, and chunky silver jewelry.

Pink Sand Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

This bag makes any outfit bright and cheery.  Here it is with white jeans, light blue denim jacket, soft pink top, pink scarf, and neutral sandals, and also as inspiration as a Valentine’s Day outfit with a red top, tan booties, and a fun red and pink heart scarf. 

These are just a few of the many ways you can create an outfit with each Beach Diaper Bag.  If you’ve created an outfit with a Beachy Diaper Bag, please share!  We’d love to see it!

Shop Kabana Kids' Beachy Diaper Bags!

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