Toddler Gift Ideas

Toddler Gift Ideas 0

What do you get a toddler for a birthday present?  Clothes, toys and books are some popular choices.  But how about something a little different?  Here’s something that is cute and useful, and that any toddler is sure to love!

Give them a fun play mat and a toy, or a few toys, and/or book/s that match its theme!  The play mat can be used over and over again for the next several years.  And, pairing it with toys and/or books makes an adorable coordinated gift set.

Here are some ideas for toddler gifts using Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats and items paired with them based on their themes!

mermaid toddler gift

Mermaid Friends Beachy Play Mat – This sparkly mat features adorable mermaids, whales, and other happy sea creatures, frolicking in the sea!  Pair it with a mermaid doll, sea life plushies, and a mermaid book, such as “Three Little Mermaids.”  Shop now!

Little Seahorses Beachy Play Mat – This mat features sweet little seahorses and bubbles.  Pair it with a cute stuffed seahorse and a book about seahorses.  Shop now!

seahorse toddler gift

Loving Whales or Cape Cod Beachy Play Mats – Pair these with a plush whale and anything nautical or ocean-related.  Shop Loving Whales Mat!  Shop Cape Cod Mat!

Boats Galore Beachy Play Mat – This mat would be really fun with some toy boats and a book about boats.  Shop now!

Green Pineapples Beachy Play Mat – This mat is great with anything pineapple or pink flamingo related!  You could add a cute plush pink flamingo, a pineapple pillow or a fun flamingo or pineapple pool float.  Shop now!

pineapple toddler gift

Tropical Monkeys Beachy Play Mat – Add a whimsical plush monkey and a book about monkeys, such as Eight Silly Monkeys.  Shop now!

Hawaiian Floral Beachy Play Mat – This mat features fabric from Hawaii, and would be a great gift for a child who will be going on vacation in Hawaii.  You could add a book about Hawaii and a Hawaii related toy.  Shop now!

Any of the Beachy Play Mats would make a great beach day gift as well, paired with sand toys, pool toys, an inflatable floatie or beach ball.  You could also add some sunscreen, bubbles, a beach hat, flip-flops, swimsuit, bath toys, and any other fun things you can imagine!  Shop all Beachy Play Mats here!  You could also package it all up in a Beachy Diaper Bag (which is a great beach bag, pool bag, overnight bag, and more).

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Awesome Products for Families On the Go

Awesome Products for Families On the Go 0

In honor of parents who like to get up and go with little ones in tow, Kabana Kids created its signature combination of coordinating diaper bags and play mats.  These products are meant to make family fun time together a little more convenient, with some cute and beachy portable products. 

pink bag and mermaid mat

Kabana Kids’ coordinating Beachy Diaper Bags and Beachy Play Mats were created to allow parents to easily get out and go anywhere with their babies and young children.  The mats fold up easily and fit into the bags with lots of room left for other items.  So they’re great for going to the beach, the park, the pool, on daily outings, overnight trips, vacations, and everywhere else you go with your little ones.

The bags, which function as both over-the-shoulder totes and as backpacks, are ideal as your go-to bag.  The mats serve so many functions (read here) and come in really handy when you need something for your child to sit, lie, or play on, while you’re out-and-about.  Plus they’re really cute and beachy!

Here’s some more information

Beachy Diaper Bags – The bags were created to be very convenient and versatile – you can carry them as an over-the-shoulder tote or wear them as a backpack.  You can fit as much or as little as you want in them, and they can accommodate you.  They will spread out so you can stuff them with lots of things, and they also hang nicely, and don’t take up much space, when not very full.

Beachy Play Mats – The mats were created to be easy to take with you wherever you go.  They make amazing play mats for babies, toddlers, and older kids, as well as beach mats, picnic blankets, and mats to relax on at the park, pool, in the yard or house.  They fold up easily and fit into the bags for portability.  They mats are soft cotton on top, water resistant nylon underneath, and with light padding inside.  They feature, fun, cute, whimsical prints. 

Here’s how you use Beachy Diaper Bags and Play Mats together: get bag and open it, fold mat (easily with the sewn in panels), put it in the bag, put anything else you want to bring in the bag, carry bag (as a tote or over the shoulder) or wear it as a backpack, go!  Wherever you are, take the mat out of the bag, place it on the floor, ground, sand, grass, etc., and your little one/s can sit or lie down, play, read, rest, etc.  When you’re ready to go, fold the mat and put it back in the bag.  Pretty simple!

Where to use our bags and mats: beach, park, pool, traveling, overnight, day trip, road trip, airplane, airport, waiting room, appointments, friends’ homes, your home, inside, outside, sporting event, picnic, anywhere!

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Cool Bags for Dads

Cool Bags for Dads 0

Dads who like to get out and about with their families need a bag that can keep up!  And, dads with babies (or a baby on the way) and toddlers need a great dad-friendly diaper bag!  Many dads want a bag that’s neutral, or even manly, that matches their own personal style.  And, most want a bag that goes way beyond diaper duty, that’s versatile, multi-functional, durable, and can continue to be used long after the baby and toddler years! 

the perfect dad bag

Kabana Kids has some amazing bags (diaper bags, dad bags, family bags, travel bags, adventure bags, etc.) that dads (and moms) love!  Our bags are casual with a beachy style, and are superbly made with the very best materials.  They are large and roomy, soft yet sturdy, fully lined, and have pockets inside and out.  They have a big, strong zipper on top, waterproof vegan leather on the bottom, and two sets of straps – over-the-shoulder tote straps and backpack straps.

dad friendly diaper backpack

With six fun and beachy colors to choose from, we offer some great dad-friendly choices!

brown dad backpack

Coconut Beachy Diaper Bag – in rich brown with tan trim, deep brown lining, and brown vegan leather waterproof bottom

brown diaper bag for dad

Tropical Green Beachy Diaper Bag – in a muted green with dark green trim and lining, and brown vegan leather waterproof bottom

green diaper bag for dad

Deep Navy Beachy Diaper Bag – in a dark navy blue with beige trim and navy lining, and navy blue vegan leather waterproof bottom

navy diaper bag for dad

Our Sand-and-Navy and Coastal Sky bags are also neutral and make good bags for dads.  Shop all bags here.

Kabana Kids’ Beachy Diaper Bags also coordinate with our Beachy Play Mats, which serve as amazing play mats, baby mats, beach mats, park mats, and more.  They can also be used as changing pads, and they fit easily into your Beachy Diaper Bag, leaving lots of room left for other items.  Check out bag and mat bundles here!

daddy diaper bag in brown

These awesome, dad-friendly bags make a great, unique gift for a dad (or dad-to-be), for Father’s Day, a birthday, a shower, or just because!  You can also add a personal touch by pairing the bag with a coordinating Beachy Play Mat, and by filling the bag with some fun and useful goodies!  For example, for a new dad, or dad-to-be, fill his bag with all kinds of dad survival items and baby necessities.  Here are some other ideas (these can also be given to couples and families as gifts):

  • Classic diaper bag stuff – pouches for smaller items, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, pacifier and case, baby toys, bibs and burp cloths, and other baby items
  • New dad survival kit stuff – coffee, his favorite adult beverage, snacks, gum, Advil, baby book or manual, anything related to his favorite hobbies or interests
  • Picnic/Park stuff – picnic blanket, portable, travel food containers, thermos, bubbles, frisbee
  • Beach stuff – beach towel/s, sunscreen, sand toys, kite, sun hats, flip-flops, sun glasses, beach ball
  • Pool stuff – towels, sunscreen, pool toys, dive rings, blow up raft, floaties, sun hats, goggles, fins
  • Camping stuff – stuff to make s’mores, binoculars, first aid kit, beef jerky, trail mix, trail map
  • Travel stuff – luggage tags, passport holders, travel books/guides, neck pillow, small toiletry bag, portable batty charger, travel sized toiletries

Other ideas include sports stuff, cooking and/or barbecue stuff, dog stuff, car stuff, family game night stuff, fishing stuff, movie night stuff, and other topics related to interests and hobbies.

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How to Pack a Maternity Hospital Bag

How to Pack a Maternity Hospital Bag 0

Packing your bag for your maternity hospital stay is one of many pregnancy milestones.  It’s another way to prepare for your baby’s arrival.  Just as you would pack for any trip, vacation, or adventure, you’ll need to pack some important items for your journey into the land of motherhood. 

What is a Maternity Hospital Bag?

In the literal sense, it’s a bag that holds the items you take with you to the hospital when you’re about to give birth.  In the symbolic sense, it’s a transitional piece, in your rite of passage from pregnant woman to mother.

blue maternity hospital bag

Why Pack a Maternity Hospital Bag?

You will be staying in the hospital for a few days and will need to bring certain things with you.  And, when you’re in labor is not the time to decide and find what you want to bring with you to the hospital.  You’ll want to pack it ahead of time because sometimes babies arrive before their due dates!  Having your bag packed in advance makes life so much easier!  Many say that you should have your hospital bag packed by the time you are about 36 weeks pregnant (maybe even sooner).

What Makes a Good Maternity Hospital Bag?

The best maternity hospital bag is one that’s soft, flexible, versatile, and that can hold as many items as you want to bring.  It gives you options.  What to use as a maternity hospital bag can vary, such as a suitcase, duffle bag, tote, messenger bag, or backpack. 

mom bags

Kabana Kids’ Beachy Diaper Bags make amazing maternity hospital bags.  They are soft yet sturdy, large and roomy yet flexible and not too huge (they expand as you need them to) and won’t take up too much room.  They’re super easy to carry.  They have handles that are just the right length, so they can be carried over-the-shoulder; they also have backpack straps, for added convenience.  They’re made from luxurious cotton canvas with a waterproof bottom made from eco-friendly, non-toxic vegan leather.  They’re also fully lined and have pockets inside and out.  With six colors to choose from, you’ll find the perfect bag to fit your style.  Shop here.

Suggestions for What to Pack in Your Maternity Hospital Bag

  • Important Paperwork – birth plan (if you have one), hospital information and registration papers, insurance information, photo ID
  • Robe
  • Nightgown or pajamas
  • Nursing bra
  • Comfortable underwear
  • Slippers
  • Flip-flops
  • Going home clothes for you – comfortable and maternity sized. Some ideas include a soft flowing top, t-shirt, tank top, yoga pants, pajama pants, or other soft pants, a soft comfy sweater or sweatshirt, socks, comfy shoes
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, sanitary pads (the hospital will also have these, but if you like a certain type, bring them), shampoo, conditioner, hair brush, hair ties, headband, face wash, face wipes (makeup remover wipes), moisturizer, lip balm, dry shampoo, lotion, makeup and makeup mirror if you want to fix up for pictures
  • Lanolin cream
  • Breast/nursing pads
  • Small notebook and pen (for keeping notes)
  • Snacks – such as bottled water, flavored water, coconut water, granola bars, protein bars, pretzels, crackers
  • Going home outfit for baby – pants (for the car seat strap to be secured) and a top (such as a kimono style), or a one-piece pants outfit; if pants don’t have footies in them, also bring socks; a soft hat
  • Muslin blanket/swaddle
  • Pacifier (sanitized and protected in a separate little container)
  • Pouches, smaller bags, and containers for organizing your bag
  • Also, make sure you bring these items (which may or may not be packed in your hospital bag ahead of time, but perhaps in your purse): a photo ID; prescription medications; glasses; cash and change (for snacks and gift shop); cell phone; charger

Here Are Some Items You Don’t Need to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

  • Diapers and wipes – the hospital will provide these
  • Bottles, formula, breast pump – the hospital will have these
  • Baby blankets (unless you want to bring your own swaddle blanket)
  • Sanitary pads (unless you like a certain type, then you can bring your own)
  • Books and work – you won’t have time for these

Suggestions for Packing Your Maternity Hospital Bag

Once you’ve chose your bag, gathered all the items you want to include, and washed anything the needed to be washed, lay everything out (such as on a bed).  Group similar items together and pack them into different pouches and containers.  Large items, like a robe, can go into the bag on their own.  Smaller items should be assembled together in pouches or containers, such as one for toiletries, one for snacks, one for baby clothes, and so on.  Place pouches/containers into the bag.  It can be helpful to have clear plastic or mesh pouches to you can easily see where certain things are.

It’s helpful to have a lot of your maternity hospital bag items packed up ahead of time, but some you will probably be using on a daily basis, or will already be in your purse (which you will want to bring to the hospital with you too).  This includes a photo ID, prescription medication, and more.  You may want to keep a list of these items near your pre-packed bag, so you can easily grab them too.

Also, in addition to your hospital bag, you will need to bring your baby car seat with you.  Some other possible items to bring include a pillow and comfy blanket, camera (other than your phone camera), entertainment items (like an iPad, iPod, or speaker).  Your partner may also want to bring some items, such as extra clothes, snacks, pillow and blanket, and toiletries. 

Having your material hospital bag all packed and ready to go will bring you piece of mind when the big day arrives! 

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A Sweet Father's Day Memory

A Sweet Father's Day Memory 0

I came across this blog post I wrote about seven years ago, when my daughter was 3.  It brought a tear to my eye.  In honor of Father's Day (in two weeks), I'm posting it again.  

When a Man Becomes a Father

She had him at flicker.  The first time he saw his baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound monitor, he was mush.  And he’s been that way about her ever since.

I would say it was at that six-week prenatal appointment that my husband Bobby really became a father.  His life changed at that moment.  He was proud.  He was excited.  He had tears in his eyes.  He wouldn’t let go of the grainy “first” photo of what would become his little girl.  He carried that ultrasound image with him everywhere, showing it off to everyone, saying, “This is my baby!”

The morning Siena was born Bobby would not leave her side.  He refused to let her out of his sight until the hospital staff fastened the promised security device around her ankle.  On that day he became her protector.  Protect her will be his number one priority for the rest of his life.

Since then, he has also become her book reader, errand partner, fun provider, comedian, horsey, ice cream companion, spoiler, explainer, and the first man she will ever love.  He is the model on which her future relationships will be based.  A father is the first man in his daughter’s life, and teaches her about how men treat women (by how he treats her, her mother, and other women).  He builds his daughter’s self-esteem by telling and showing her she’s valuable. 

Siena doesn’t know this yet, but by having an involved daddy, she has a better chance of a successful future.  Research shows that children with involved fathers are more likely to be emotionally secure, to be confident to explore their surroundings, and to have better peer relationships.  They tend to be more sociable and less likely to get in trouble.  They are better academic achievers, experience overall life satisfaction, and demonstrate a greater tolerance for stress and greater self-control.

Bobby’s role in Siena’s life is more important than she will ever know.  Siena’s role in Bobby’s life is just as important.  This he knows. 

In honor of Father’s Day, I interviewed Bobby and Siena about their father-daughter relationship. 

My interview with Bobby:

Me:  What does fatherhood mean to you?

Bobby:  It’s an honor to serve as a father.  I’ve been given the exclusive opportunity to be Siena’s father.

Me:  What have you learned about yourself since becoming a father?

Bobby:  The importance of being a good example.  It really motivates you to be a better person.  I learned that I have an extra abundance of love I didn’t know I had.

Me:  What kind of father are you?

Bobby:  Engaged and involved.

Me:  What are your hopes for her?

Bobby:  To learn to never compromise her self-respect, and to make good choices, and have an enjoyable life.

Me:  What can you teach her?

Bobby:  The value of hard work, the importance of family, and unconditional love.

I interviewed Siena earlier that day.  Even though she’s only 3, she provided some insight.

Me:  What do you love about Daddy?

Siena:  I love my Daddy very much.

Me:  What do you like to do with Daddy?

Siena:  Daddy gets up in the morning.  The he sleeps in a little bit.  Then he lets in the sunshine.

My interpretation:  Daddy is there for me.  I know I can always count on him, every day, morning and night.  He takes good care of me, is very involved in my life, and loves me unconditionally.  He makes me happy.  My heart still flickers for him.

Happy Father’s Day to my husband and devoted fathers everywhere.  You let in the sunshine every day.

Update: Here are Bobby and Siena a few weeks ago going to the Father Daughter Dance at her school!

The Kabana Kids Backstory

The Kabana Kids Backstory 0

Hi, I’m Lori Granieri, founder of Kabana Kids, a Ventura, California based company that designs, makes and sells beachy products for babies, kids, families, etc.  I’d like to share our story with you.

Here’s a little bit of information of who and what Kabana Kids is, and how we came to be. 

What is Kabana Kids?

Beachy Products for Family Fun

Kabana Kids designs, manufactures, and sells adorable, fun, and sustainable baby, kids’ and parents’ products with beachy and tropical touches.  Families having fun together is what we’re about.  We want to make life with little ones like a day at the beach.  No worries.  Just sunshine, sea breezes, salt air, and sandy toes.  From coordinating diaper bags and play mats, colorful sun hats and summery outfits, to a proprietary baby sun shading system (in the works), our products allow families to enjoy life together – at the beach and everywhere else, all year long.

beach family

How It All Started

A Baby and a Beach

When our daughter was born, we wanted to take her to the nearby beach.  Lacking a good sun shading system, we waited until she was older to take her to the beach.  I since invented a sun shading system that is currently in the works.  Meanwhile, it sparked many ideas for other beach-related baby (and family) products, as well as a company that makes and sells products with beachy touches.  That’s how the idea for Kabana Kids was sparked.

kabana kids

The Name Kabana Kids

A Nice Vacation-y Ring To It

Honestly, it was hard to come up with a name for our company.  We tried out lots of names, and finally a friend of my husband’s suggested Cabana Kids.  I changed the C to a K and loved it.  It had a nice, fun, beachy, vacation-sounding ring to it.  It was alliterative and unique.  So, we chose it. 


Premiere Collection

Great for Families on the Go

The coordinating bags and mats were initially a spin-off from our sun shading system invention, which includes a beach/diaper bag.  At an Expo, people were telling us how much they loved the bag and that they wanted to buy one.  It got me to thinking that I should make a line of these bags.  Then, I thought, a play mat for on-the-go would be a really convenient and helpful thing for parents to keep in their bags for times when they want to put baby down, at the beach, park, even at home, anywhere indoors or out.  It could be used for tummy time or play time, and it could also be used with toddlers for floor play or book time, rest time, or for older kids.  It had to be big enough, but foldable.  So, we had it sewn in panels for easy folding and portability.  We also did the hats because they’re cute and also good for protecting babies from the sun. 

beach baby product

The Original Product Idea

A Beach Baby Invention

Or initial baby sun shading product invention is still in the works.  We are redesigning some of the mechanics and really focusing on safety.  We do plan to launch it in the not-too-distant future, and we’re thinking we might do a crowd-funding campaign with it.  Check back with us or sign up for our newsletter for updates.

lori granieri

Founder’s Background

It’s Varied

I’ve always considered myself creative, an artist.  I guess I would say that I’m a designer and entrepreneur.  I’m also a mom and a wife.  In terms of jobs I’ve had, here are some: I’ve been a journalist, writer, PR person, and, most recently, a School Psychologist.  I have always come back to creating, though.  It’s my passion – creating, designing, making, planning, imaging, picturing.  I love the beach, traveling, family time, kids, babies, dogs, and fun, cute whimsical things.

Giving Back

We Care About Kids and Families

When starting our company, we knew we wanted to have charity as part of our core business model.  We also wanted to donate to organizations that benefit children and families.  We decided to start in our own community, and have partnered with local charitable organization, Step Up Ventura, who provides therapeutic services and access to childcare and preschool for children ages zero to five who are affected by homelessness or at risk of homelessness.  A portion of every purchase of a Kabana Kids product is donated to this amazing organization and cause! 

nautical bag and mat


About Our Products

Beachy Diaper Bags and Play Mats

Kabana Kids’ coordinating Beachy Diaper Bags and Play Mats are perfect for families on-the-go!  They are versatile and multi-functional, and are great for the beach, the park, and everywhere else – indoors or out.  The mats fold up easily and fit into the bags, which also have room for other essentials.  Mix and match your bag and mat, available in fun beachy color and print combinations.

beachy diaper bags

Beachy Diaper Bags

Kabana Kids’ signature style, beachy chic all-purpose diaper bags are made from the highest quality materials including non-toxic, eco-friendly waterproof vegan leather on the bottom.  They include both tote straps and backpack straps for added versatility and convenience.  They are large and roomy, fully lined, and have pockets inside and outside and a zip-top closure.  A folded up Beachy Play Mat fits perfectly inside with room leftover for other items.  The diaper bag can also be used as a beach bag, overnight bag, and everything bag. 

Shop now

blue beachy play mat

Beachy Play Mats

Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats are soft and cozy on top and water resistant underneath, making them perfect for indoors and outdoors – at the beach, the park or anywhere you go.  They come in fun, beachy prints, and coordinate with Beachy Diaper Bags.  The mats also fold up easily and fit inside diaper bags, making them portable and convenient and great for traveling.  They can be used with a baby, toddler, or older child, as well as with multiple children, and even with adults.  Use them for resting and naptime, playing or reading a book, tummy time, and snuggling on (there’s room for baby and you). 

Shop now

beach baby sun hats

Beachy Baby Sun Hats

Our adorable baby sun hats are made from 100% cotton, designed in a casual petal style, and feature a variety of fun and beachy colors and prints.  They’re available in small, medium and large, and fit babies from newborn through 18 months.

Shop now

pineapple onesie

Beachy Baby Bodysuits

Featuring my whimsical, beachy drawings, our Bodysuits (onesies) are short-sleeved, 100% cotton with silkscreened designs and tagless labels, and come in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.  I’m working on new designs as well.

Shop now

In the Works

We are working on additional fun, beachy products, including more onesie and t-shirt designs, sundresses for babies, toddlers, and older girls, our original sun-shading system, accessories, and more.

Please feel free to send us your comments with us at  Also, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram: @kabanakids.  We’d love it if you tag photos that include our products with #kabanakids!  You can check out our more of blog posts here.