Welcome to the Kabana Kids Blog!

Welcome to the Kabana Kids Blog!

As we’re getting ready to launch our beachy baby and kids product company, Kabana Kids, I’d like to welcome you to the Kabana Kids Blog!  This is where we’ll share all the latest news and updates about our company, products – launches, specials and more – as well as useful, informative, and entertaining information, like tips and tricks, how-to’s, ideas for family fun time, outings, and travel, fun stuff to do with babies and kids, and much, much more. 

We’d also love to get your input, so please send us your questions, comments, thoughts and ideas. 

First, let us introduce ourselves.  Here’s a little bit of information on our company:


Kabana Kids, which is located in Ventura, California, designs, manufactures, and sells baby and children’s products with beachy and tropical touches.  Our products are beachy, breezy and bright, and are designed with fun, function, safety, and sustainability in mind.  Our products also:

  •  Are for families-on-the-go, who love to explore, adventure, enjoy life together (kids, babies, and all), and who want something different
  • Pull double, triple duty, aka, are multi-use and multi-functional, and versatile
  • Go and grow with your family
  • Are sturdy, safe, and eco-friendly
  • Are cute, fun, casual, and beachy

Who am I?

 I’m Lori, the founder and owner of Kabana Kids.  I’m a mom who cherishes family fun times and loves the beach.  I have a very varied background, that includes design, art, writing, PR, child development, education, and psychology (among others).  My passion is creating things, especially cute and fun things for kids, babies and parents.  Kabana Kids grew out of all of these interests, experiences, and passions, and has become an amazing journey on its own.  I’m really excited to share it with you! 


The rest of the team?

Right now, that would be my husband Bob, who helps with almost every aspect of the business, and our daughter Siena, who is my inspiration every day, always.  We also work with several amazing contracted professionals, suppliers, and service providers.  We expect our team will grow in the future.

An overview of our products:

            Very soon, we will have the first designs in our cute Beachy Baby Bodysuits, and our Beachy Toddler Hats.  Check out the Shop page!  Many more will be added to this collection on an ongoing basis.

            Also very soon, we will be launching our collection of Beachy Diaper Bags, Beachy Play Mats, and Beachy Baby Sun Hats.  Here’s a little more info:

            Beachy Diaper Bags – casual yet elegant; large and roomy; tote and backpack straps; fully lined; zip-top closure; waterproof bottom made from non-toxic, eco-friendly vegan leather

            Beachy Play Mats – soft on top, water resistant underneath; lightly padded; fun, cute, beachy prints; great for everywhere; for babies, big kids, even adults; machine washable

            Beachy Sun Hats – cute, cute, cute!; 100% cotton; reversible; fun, cute, beachy prints; machine washable

            The Beachy Diaper Bags and Beachy Play Mats coordinate with each other.  Once we have them, I’ll post the combinations here on the blog.  The mats fold up easily and fit into the bags.

In the near future:

            A line of adorable baby and toddler beach and resort wear is also in the works.  I’ll keep you updated on its launch.

Down the road:

            Our flagship, patent-pending product: Baby Fun Shade Collection is in the works! Stay tuned! 

Meanwhile, please check back often, or better yet, sign up for our News and Updates, and we’ll keep you posted on all the latest info.  You can also connect with us on social media.  And, again, feel free to send us a note!

We look forward to serving your beachy family product needs!

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