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Potty Training Tips, Tricks and Tools

Potty Training Tips, Tricks and Tools 0

Ready, Set, Potty!  

Potty training is something all parents engage in with their children at some point.  It’s a major milestone for your child, and one that takes a little practice.  It’s one of those experiences that take a child from baby to big kid.  It’s something to celebrate!

There are several approaches to potty training, and all parents will do what works best for them and their child.  We have compiled some lists of helpful tips when it comes to potty training. 

Here are a few tips, tricks, tools and tidbits to help your little one through the potty training process.

Potty Training Readiness Signs:

  • Showing an interest in pottying in the toilet
  • Showing signs of wanting to be more independent in general
  • Ability follow directions
  • Not liking the feeling of a dirty diaper
  • Asking you to change his or her diaper when it’s soiled
  • Having an awareness of needing to go potty
  • Talking about going potty, or telling you that he or she is going or has gone potty
  • Having long periods of time when his/her diaper is dry/clean (especially when waking up in the morning or after a nap)
  • Expressing an interest in wearing big kid underwear

Potty Training Success Tips:

  • Make it fun, interesting
  • Read your child’s signs/cues
  • Introduce
  • No pressure
  • Keep it casual
  • Talk about it
  • Make it fun
  • Celebrate successes
  • Be prepared, patient, positive and persistent

Potty Training Products

Here are some fun products that can help with the potty training process.


Potty Chair – there are tons to choose from, including the little stand-alone models and the kind that are placed on the toilet.  Some make sounds or play music.  Some flush.  Some feature fun characters.  There are even some that include an iPad holder.


Pull-up diapers –part diaper, part underwear, they allow your child to easily pull them down when they need to go the toilet and pull them back up when they’re finished, like real underwear.  And, if they miss the opportunity, the diaper part takes over.

Big kid underwear – take your child shopping and let him/her choose them.  My daughter enjoyed picking out several packs with her favorite characters, then putting them in her drawer after I washed them.  She wanted to start wearing them immediately, which was great potty training incentive.

Potty training sticker chart – there are several you can buy, download or emulate online.  We made our own and hung it in the bathroom.  We bought fun stickers, and let our daughter put them on the chart every time she went potty in the potty chair or toilet.   


Books and DVD’s – our favorites included Everyone Poops, by Gomi Taro, Where’s the Poop?, by Julie Markes, Potty, by Leslie Patricelli, A Potty for Me!, by Karen Katz, and  Elmo’s Potty Time DVD.


Toys – The Little Mommy Princess and The Potty Doll, which comes with a flushing toilet (“now you see the potty, now you don’t!”), a little sipping cup and hand sanitizer.  Our daughter loved having the doll “go potty” and then flushing the toilet to see the potty disappear. 

Waterproof mattress cover – this is a must in order to protect the mattress.

When it comes to potty training, you provide the incentive, opportunity, and expectations, and your child will do it when he or she is ready.  Like the famous book says, everyone poops (and pees) ... in the toilet eventually.

It will eventually click.  Meanwhile, have fun, and enjoy the learning process.