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Toddler Gift Ideas

Toddler Gift Ideas 0

What do you get a toddler for a birthday present?  Clothes, toys and books are some popular choices.  But how about something a little different?  Here’s something that is cute and useful, and that any toddler is sure to love!

Give them a fun play mat and a toy, or a few toys, and/or book/s that match its theme!  The play mat can be used over and over again for the next several years.  And, pairing it with toys and/or books makes an adorable coordinated gift set.

Here are some ideas for toddler gifts using Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats and items paired with them based on their themes!

mermaid toddler gift

Mermaid Friends Beachy Play Mat – This sparkly mat features adorable mermaids, whales, and other happy sea creatures, frolicking in the sea!  Pair it with a mermaid doll, sea life plushies, and a mermaid book, such as “Three Little Mermaids.”  Shop now!

Little Seahorses Beachy Play Mat – This mat features sweet little seahorses and bubbles.  Pair it with a cute stuffed seahorse and a book about seahorses.  Shop now!

seahorse toddler gift

Loving Whales or Cape Cod Beachy Play Mats – Pair these with a plush whale and anything nautical or ocean-related.  Shop Loving Whales Mat!  Shop Cape Cod Mat!

Boats Galore Beachy Play Mat – This mat would be really fun with some toy boats and a book about boats.  Shop now!

Green Pineapples Beachy Play Mat – This mat is great with anything pineapple or pink flamingo related!  You could add a cute plush pink flamingo, a pineapple pillow or a fun flamingo or pineapple pool float.  Shop now!

pineapple toddler gift

Tropical Monkeys Beachy Play Mat – Add a whimsical plush monkey and a book about monkeys, such as Eight Silly Monkeys.  Shop now!

Hawaiian Floral Beachy Play Mat – This mat features fabric from Hawaii, and would be a great gift for a child who will be going on vacation in Hawaii.  You could add a book about Hawaii and a Hawaii related toy.  Shop now!

Any of the Beachy Play Mats would make a great beach day gift as well, paired with sand toys, pool toys, an inflatable floatie or beach ball.  You could also add some sunscreen, bubbles, a beach hat, flip-flops, swimsuit, bath toys, and any other fun things you can imagine!  Shop all Beachy Play Mats here!  You could also package it all up in a Beachy Diaper Bag (which is a great beach bag, pool bag, overnight bag, and more).

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