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Diaper Bags that Do So Much More

Diaper Bags that Do So Much More 0

Diaper Bags that Go Way Beyond Diaper Duty

Kabana Kids’ versatile, multi-functional Beachy Diaper Bags were designed to be amazing diaper bags and so much more!  So, while you’ll love using them for all you baby and toddler needs, you’ll especially love that you can keep using them well beyond these years.

Beachy Diaper Bags are extremely well-made with the highest quality materials, and they stand the test of time.  They’re large and spacious with lots of room to carry as much or as little as you want.  They pair with our Beachy Play Mats, which fold up and fit inside (read more about play mats here) with lots of room left for other items.  They have pockets outside and inside, are fully lined, are soft and supple yet strong and sturdy.  They have a waterproof bottom (made from safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly vegan leather) so you can place them on wet sand or grass without getting the inside of the bag wet. 

They have two kinds of straps – tote straps that can also go over-the-shoulder and backpack straps to free up your hands.  They’re even machine washable!  Turn them inside out (lining facing out) and wash on a cold gentle cycle and air dry.  They are also beachy, stylish, casual-chic and come in six beachy, nautical, and tropical colors.

Here are some of the many ways you can use these amazing multipurpose quality bags:

  • Diaper Bag 
  • Baby Bag
  • Mom Bag
  • Dad Bag
  • Family Bag
  • Backpack
  • Beach Bag
  • Pool Bag
  • Picnic Bag/Basket
  • Dance Bag/Ballet Bag
  • Sports Bag (soccer, tennis, etc.)
  • Shopping Bag
  • Travel Bag
  • Airplane Bag (especially a personal item for you or for kids)
  • Road Trip Bag
  • Weekend Getaway Bag
  • Overnight Bag
  • Souvenir Bag
  • Shopping Bag
  • Day Trip/Outing Bag
  • Kids’ Sleepover/Slumber Party Bag
  • Hospital Bag/Maternity Bag
  • Backpack for Amusement Parks (i.e. Disneyland)
  • Gym Bag
  • Yoga Bag
  • Catch-All Bag
  • Crafts Bag (sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc.)
  • Teacher Bag
  • Work Bag
  • Game Bag
  • Toy Bag/Toy Box
  • Gift
  • Gift Basket (fill with other goodies)
  • Fashion Statement
  • Go-Anywhere and Everywhere Bag
  • Everyday Bag
  • Everything Bag
  • Your Favorite Bag

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Diaper Bag Inspired Outfits

Diaper Bag Inspired Outfits 0

Kabana Kids’ Beachy Diaper bags can be inspiration for a variety of outfits and looks.  While these bags great for moms, they’re not just for moms.  They are really versatile and go way beyond diaper duty.  You can use them for anything you’d use a large bag for – travel, overnight bag, big purse, beach bag, pool bag, yoga bag (you can fit a yoga mat inside and still have room for other items), family bag, school bag, work bag, adventure bag, sports bag, picnic bag, you name it.  They are also wearable as backpacks, making them even more convenient. 

We’ve styled a few looks based on the Beachy Diaper Bags.  These looks are great for the remainder of winter and well into Spring.  We’ll do a summer look book a little later as well.  As you can see, our bags (which are elegantly casual) work really well with jeans and booties, but they also wear really well with office attire. 

Diaper Bag Inspired Outfits



Coconut Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

This warm, cinnamon brown bag with brown vegan leather on the bottom is perfect for winter looks.  Here, it’s shown with a warm sweater, brown leather jacket, and pretty scarf.

Tropical Green Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

This jade green bag, with brown vegan leather on the bottom, looks really good with neutrals – tans, cremes, browns, off whites – and various shades of green.  We paired it with jeans, booties, a soft green top, and chunky oatmeal sweater.



Deep Navy Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

This deep blue bag offers lots of outfit possibilities.  You can wear it with jeans, cute dresses, work attire, and more.  We included a few different looks: super casual and comfy with jeans, a plaid shirt and boots; fun and springy with a navy top and print palazzo capris; and cute and flirty with a white and navy striped mini dress and denim jacket.


Sand and Navy Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

We’ve paired this natural nautical bag (with a touch of navy) with a workwear outfit to show what range it has!  This outfit includes a classic tan blazer, skinny navy blue slacks, a silky red blouse (for a pop of color), and natural colored pumps.


Coastal Sky Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

This bag is so soft and summery.  It’s also great for spring, and can be worn with a lot of different looks, with blues, denims, white, off white, tan, and neutrals.  It looks really cute with jeans or white pants, capris or shorts.  Here’s a simple outfit to wear with this bag: jeans, white jacket, blue top, sandals, and chunky silver jewelry.

Pink Sand Beachy Diaper Bag (shop)

This bag makes any outfit bright and cheery.  Here it is with white jeans, light blue denim jacket, soft pink top, pink scarf, and neutral sandals, and also as inspiration as a Valentine’s Day outfit with a red top, tan booties, and a fun red and pink heart scarf. 

These are just a few of the many ways you can create an outfit with each Beach Diaper Bag.  If you’ve created an outfit with a Beachy Diaper Bag, please share!  We’d love to see it!

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