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Getting the Nursery Ready for Baby

Getting the Nursery Ready for Baby 0

Baby Room Ideas, Tips and Suggestions

Planning for your baby’s arrival is a very exciting time filled with anticipation, happiness, awe, maybe a little anxiety, and lots of preparation.  There are so many things to do to get ready for that little bundle of joy!  One of them is setting up the nursery.  Here are some of the basics on getting baby’s room ready!

Overall Plan

After you’ve designated a room, or part of a room, as baby’s very own, you’ll want to start thinking about what will go where and the overall flow.  A baby’s room should be sweet, peaceful, comfortable and functional.  It’s where baby will (eventually) sleep, where you’ll change baby’s diapers and clothes, where you will rock, feed, comfort and read to baby, where his or her things will be kept, and most likely will continue to be his or her room long after babyhood. 


Envision where you might want to put things like the crib, rocking chair or glider, changing table, storage, and more.  This is also a good time to start thinking about colors, themes, and other decorating elements.  And if you’re into Feng Shui, you’ll want to think about that too.


Take care of major room fixes and changes long before baby arrives.  This includes any reconstruction, renovations, painting, wall covering, flooring/carpeting, window treatments, shelving, and changes to lighting (such as rewiring or hanging a light fixture).  Make sure paint’s dry, fumes and dust are gone, and the room and nice and clean, and ready to fill – with baby’s stuff and with lots of love.



Your furniture style and colors are a matter of your own tastes and preferences.  You may want to go with a cohesive furniture set, or something more eclectic.  Baby furniture can widely range in style, colors, and price.  Regardless, here are some of the basic pieces you’ll most likely want: crib, a firm crib mattress (waterproof), changing table (or dresser that can serve as a changing table), changing pad and covers, comfy chair (or rocking chair or glider), dresser, and other pieces that serve as storage.


There are lots of extras you might consider having in your baby’s room.  Some accessories for the nursery might include any of the following: a rug, storage bins, shelves, a book shelf, a diaper receptacle, waste basket, toy box, and hangers and other organizers for the closet.


Baby’s bedding is pretty simple.  All you need is a fitted waterproof mattress cover and fitted sheets.  There is some controversy about baby bumpers, so proceed with caution there.  If you’re going to use then, don’t go for really thick or puffy ones.  Instead, opt for thin ones and fasten them securely to the crib.  You don’t want them coming loose.  Skip the comforter and any blankets in the crib.  They aren’t safe.  A bed skirt (for decorative purposes) is optional.



How you decorate your baby’s room is a matter of taste and preference.  You may go with traditional pinks for a girl or blues for a boy, or neutral colors.  You may want to incorporate a theme, such as a character from a favorite book, movie, TV, or Disney; a beach, ocean, mermaid, surf, or sailboat theme; or other themes, such as garden, cars and trucks, animals, travel, jungle, ABC’s, sunny or starry sky, Paris, woodland, glamour, sports, and so on.  The possibilities are endless. 


Some decorations for your baby’s room might include: wall art (such as pictures, other artwork, plaques, decals, tapestries, murals, garland, wall shelves); curtains/drapes/valances; light fixtures (i.e., chandelier, ceiling light, wall sconces, lamps); mobiles (hanging from the wall, ceiling, or just above the crib); and other fun props (such as a rocking horse, carousel horse, fairies hanging from the ceiling, a surfboard hung on the wall, and so on.)


Baby Essentials

Once your baby’s nursery is arranged, you’ll be able to stock it with baby essentials and everyday items.  These include: blankets/swaddle blankets; toys; books; diapers; diaper rash crème; lotion; wipes; wipe warmer; hangers; baby monitor; baby clothes; nightlight; and so on. 

More Suggestions

Here are a few extra things that I found helpful and that I would recommend.  Install a dimmer switch on the light switch so you can adjust how soft or bright the lighting is.  Get a blackout shade for the window/s.  It really helps with napping as baby gets a little bit older.  Have any tall, big, or heavy furniture (such as a standing shelf) mounted/tethered to the wall for safety. 

Preparing the nursery is one of many special ways to get ready for your baby’s arrival.  I found it to be a fun and memorable experience.  Enjoy it.  Have fun with it. 

Please share your recommendations for preparing a baby’s room.  We would love to hear from you!

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