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Diaper Bags that Do So Much More

Diaper Bags that Do So Much More 0

Diaper Bags that Go Way Beyond Diaper Duty

Kabana Kids’ versatile, multi-functional Beachy Diaper Bags were designed to be amazing diaper bags and so much more!  So, while you’ll love using them for all you baby and toddler needs, you’ll especially love that you can keep using them well beyond these years.

Beachy Diaper Bags are extremely well-made with the highest quality materials, and they stand the test of time.  They’re large and spacious with lots of room to carry as much or as little as you want.  They pair with our Beachy Play Mats, which fold up and fit inside (read more about play mats here) with lots of room left for other items.  They have pockets outside and inside, are fully lined, are soft and supple yet strong and sturdy.  They have a waterproof bottom (made from safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly vegan leather) so you can place them on wet sand or grass without getting the inside of the bag wet. 

They have two kinds of straps – tote straps that can also go over-the-shoulder and backpack straps to free up your hands.  They’re even machine washable!  Turn them inside out (lining facing out) and wash on a cold gentle cycle and air dry.  They are also beachy, stylish, casual-chic and come in six beachy, nautical, and tropical colors.

Here are some of the many ways you can use these amazing multipurpose quality bags:

  • Diaper Bag 
  • Baby Bag
  • Mom Bag
  • Dad Bag
  • Family Bag
  • Backpack
  • Beach Bag
  • Pool Bag
  • Picnic Bag/Basket
  • Dance Bag/Ballet Bag
  • Sports Bag (soccer, tennis, etc.)
  • Shopping Bag
  • Travel Bag
  • Airplane Bag (especially a personal item for you or for kids)
  • Road Trip Bag
  • Weekend Getaway Bag
  • Overnight Bag
  • Souvenir Bag
  • Shopping Bag
  • Day Trip/Outing Bag
  • Kids’ Sleepover/Slumber Party Bag
  • Hospital Bag/Maternity Bag
  • Backpack for Amusement Parks (i.e. Disneyland)
  • Gym Bag
  • Yoga Bag
  • Catch-All Bag
  • Crafts Bag (sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc.)
  • Teacher Bag
  • Work Bag
  • Game Bag
  • Toy Bag/Toy Box
  • Gift
  • Gift Basket (fill with other goodies)
  • Fashion Statement
  • Go-Anywhere and Everywhere Bag
  • Everyday Bag
  • Everything Bag
  • Your Favorite Bag

Shop Kabana Kids’ Beachy Diaper Bags, Bag and Mat Bundles, and Bag and Mat Gift Sets.

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The Perfect Family Beach Bag

The Perfect Family Beach Bag 0

The perfect family beach day starts with the perfect beach bag!  Kabana Kids’ signature Beachy Diaper Bags were made for this!  They’re not just “diaper bags”; they’re made to go with you and your family to the beach and everywhere else!

family beach bag

When choosing the right beach bag for your family, you’ll want one that’s large, roomy, soft and strong, and easy to pack and carry.  The best beach bags are versatile, convenient, portable, convertible, and stylish.  Here are some things to look for when selecting your family beach bag.

navy beach bag

Tips for choosing the perfect family beach bag:

Large and Roomy – your beach bag should be able to carry a lot!  When going to the beach, especially with kids, you’ll likely bring along all kinds of stuff.  The right bag allows you to pack it all in!  See beach bag packing tips below.

blue beach bag

Soft Yet Strong and Sturdy – a soft bag lets you expand your bag as much as you need, so you can pack as much or as little as you wish, and also lets you store it away and pack it up without taking up too much room.  A sturdy bag travels well, holds up throughout all your outings and adventures, and lasts over time.  Kabana Kids’ bags are made of soft yet sturdy cotton canvas, are fully lined inside, have a tough waterproof bottom and a large, sturdy zipper on top.

green beach bag

Easy to Carry – backpack straps can very useful.  Kabana Kids’ beach bags include two sets of straps, for extra convenience and versatility: one set allows you to carry it as a tote or over the shoulder; the other set allows you to wear it as a backpack! 

pink beach backpack

Waterproof – having a bag that’s waterproof on the bottom is a huge bonus!  You can set it on wet sand and the inside of your bag won’t get wet.  Kabana Kids’ beach bags have luxurious non-toxic vegan leather on the bottom for extra safe protection.

green beach bag

More Convenient Features – pockets inside and out are great for holding things like wallets, cell phones, keys, etc.; a strong zipper on top keeps things from spilling out; lining inside adds to durability; and great construction means your bag will hold up over time.  Kabana Kids’ beach bags have all these great features and more!

family beach bags

Stylish – looks also matter when it comes to a great beach bag!  Be sure to choose one that matches your family’s beach style.  Kabana Kids’ beach bags are casual beachy-chic, and come in six fun beachy (as well as nautical and tropical colors): Coastal Sky, Pink Sand, Tropical Green, Coconut, Sand & Navy, and Deep Navy.  Check them out here!  Our bags coordinate stylishly and conveniently with our Beachy Play Mats (awesome beach mats for kids of all ages).  See them here!  You can also buy them as a bundle here!

family beach gear

Here are some ideas for what to pack in your family beach bag.
 What to Pack in Your Bag for a Family Day at the Beach

family beach bag

  • Towels and/or mats
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Pouches (for carrying smaller items)
  • Hats
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Water and beach toys
  • Wipes
  • Extra bags (for trash, wet things, seashells, etc.)

 Family beach days are the best days!  Make all your beach days great, starting with the perfect beach bag!

family beach bag

Shop Kabana Kids’ beach bags here!  Shop bag and mat bundles here!

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What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag 0

Diaper Bag Packing Tips

Diaper bags were made for getting out and about with little ones.  Kabana Kids’ Beachy Diaper Bags were made for families who love to get out, explore, have adventures, and enjoy life together!  They were made to be beachy, breezy, and bright, casual yet stylish, and colorful and fun.

While you can use our bags for just about everything, here are some ways to use them as diaper bags.

First of all, our diaper bags were meant to be used along with our Beachy Play Mats.  Our bags are large and roomy so you can fold up the play mat (sewn in panels for easy folding), put it inside, and still have lots of room for your other diaper bag essentials. 

It’s a great idea to bring a play mat along on your adventures with little ones because it can come in very handy in a variety of situations – at the beach, park, playtime at home or at someone else’s home, inside, or outside.  You can use it as a changing pad, a picnic blanket, a shopping cart cover, or as a barrier between your child and any surface.

What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

Ok, what to pack in a diaper bag is generally pretty straight-forward.  But beyond the basics, everyone’s got their own style, twist, and preferences.  What you pack in your diaper bag is going to depend on your baby, child, or children’s age/s, where you’re going, how long you’re going to be gone, how prepared you like to be, and so on. 

Our bags have pockets outside and inside.  You can also use additional pouches and organizers with them if you'd like.

In addition to packing up your Beachy Play Mat, here are some diaper bag items you might want to pack.


Diaper Bag Essentials

  • For changing diapers – diapers, diaper rash crème (such as A&D or Desitin), wipes, bags or something to put dirty diapers in, baby lotion, diaper changing mat (or play mat)
  •  For sanitization – face wipes, hand sanitizer
  • For feeding – bottles, sippy cups, formula, water, nursing cover, baby food, snacks for your kids and for you, bib
  • For comfort – blanket (such as a swaddle blanket), socks, change of clothes, pacifier and carrying case
  • For protection – sun hat, sunscreen
  • For fun – toys (plush, rattle, teething toys, etc.), books, play mat to crawl, sprawl, sit, lie, play, rest on
  • Extras – bags or pouches to put things in

Helpful Hints

  • How many diapers should you have with you?  Bring however many you typically go through in an hour times how many hours you think you’ll be gone, plus a few extra.
  • Carry wipes in a resealable package, a case, or  a food storage bag

Kabana Kids’ diaper bags are extra large and roomy.  Because they’re also soft and flexible (made of cotton canvas), they aren’t bulky, and don’t have to take up a lot of space.  They can hold a lot!  They have pockets inside and outside, but not so many sections or compartments that they become limiting.  This allows you to pack it with whatever pouches or containers you want.  This lends to them being light and bright and airy.

Please share your ideas for what to include in a diaper bag.

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How to Pick the Right Diaper Bag for Your Lifestyle

How to Pick the Right Diaper Bag for Your Lifestyle 0

Finding a High-Quality, Sustainable, Multi-Functional Diaper Bag

When it comes to diaper bags, there are so many choices.  You can find something for everyone’s tastes and lifestyle needs.  

Babies need a lot of stuff, and when you and baby are on the go, you need something that will easily hold all that stuff.  Something nice and roomy but that’s still soft enough to stow away when needed is ideal.  So is a bag that not only goes with you and baby everywhere you go, but that also grows with you and your baby – it can still be used beyond the baby years. 

So how do you know which diaper bag to choose? 

Consider the following:

Your lifestyle – Diaper bags were invented to allow parents to get out with their baby and take the things they need with them.  The more active and on-the-go you are, the more you’ll use your diaper bag.  How will you use yours?  Where will you take it – on daily outings, shopping, the park, the pool, weekend trips, the beach, travelling, etc.?  Think about what you need in a bag.  You’ll want something convenient and versatile, that holds a lot, and is easy to carry.

Your style and taste – Choose a diaper bag that suits your taste and reflects your style.  What colors and fabrics do you like?  Maybe you want something soft and pastel, bold and bright, or neutral.  Maybe you want something that matches your overall baby décor and theme.

Other important factors – A good diaper bag is also sturdy, durable, convenient, sustainable, multi-functional, and well-made with high-quality materials.

Kabana Kids’ Beachy Diaper Bags are all of these things and more.   

  • They are soft and flexible yet sturdy.
  • They’re large and roomy.
  • They’re made with cotton canvas, are fully lined inside, and have a waterproof bottom that is made from safe, non-toxic (PVC-free, BPA-free) vegan leather (made of polyurethane).
  • The have convenient pockets inside and outside, and a zip-top closure.
  • They have two sets of straps so they can be carried as a tote or worn as a backpack, adding more convenience.
  • They’re in a beachy, casual style and come in six color choices.
  • They coordinate with our Beachy Play Mats, which fold up easily and fit into the bags and still leave room for all of your other stuff.

Beachy Diaper Bag Colors and Themes

Our first collection includes an assortment of colors inspired by the beach and tropical islands.  With six options to choose from, there’s definitely a bag for everyone – two nautical options, two tropical options, and two soft and dreamy color options.

Our collection is as follows:

  • Navy and Sand – beige with navy trim
  • Deep Navy – navy with beige trim
  • Tropical Green – soft jade with dark green trim
  • Coconut – brown with tan trim
  • Coastal Sky – dreamy sky blue with royal blue trim
  • Pink Sand – pretty pink with sand trim

These pair perfectly with our various Beachy Play Mats, in 11 different prints, that are also coming soon. 

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