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The Kabana Kids Backstory

The Kabana Kids Backstory 0

Hi, I’m Lori Granieri, founder of Kabana Kids, a Ventura, California based company that designs, makes and sells beachy products for babies, kids, families, etc.  I’d like to share our story with you.

Here’s a little bit of information of who and what Kabana Kids is, and how we came to be. 

What is Kabana Kids?

Beachy Products for Family Fun

Kabana Kids designs, manufactures, and sells adorable, fun, and sustainable baby, kids’ and parents’ products with beachy and tropical touches.  Families having fun together is what we’re about.  We want to make life with little ones like a day at the beach.  No worries.  Just sunshine, sea breezes, salt air, and sandy toes.  From coordinating diaper bags and play mats, colorful sun hats and summery outfits, to a proprietary baby sun shading system (in the works), our products allow families to enjoy life together – at the beach and everywhere else, all year long.

beach family

How It All Started

A Baby and a Beach

When our daughter was born, we wanted to take her to the nearby beach.  Lacking a good sun shading system, we waited until she was older to take her to the beach.  I since invented a sun shading system that is currently in the works.  Meanwhile, it sparked many ideas for other beach-related baby (and family) products, as well as a company that makes and sells products with beachy touches.  That’s how the idea for Kabana Kids was sparked.

kabana kids

The Name Kabana Kids

A Nice Vacation-y Ring To It

Honestly, it was hard to come up with a name for our company.  We tried out lots of names, and finally a friend of my husband’s suggested Cabana Kids.  I changed the C to a K and loved it.  It had a nice, fun, beachy, vacation-sounding ring to it.  It was alliterative and unique.  So, we chose it. 


Premiere Collection

Great for Families on the Go

The coordinating bags and mats were initially a spin-off from our sun shading system invention, which includes a beach/diaper bag.  At an Expo, people were telling us how much they loved the bag and that they wanted to buy one.  It got me to thinking that I should make a line of these bags.  Then, I thought, a play mat for on-the-go would be a really convenient and helpful thing for parents to keep in their bags for times when they want to put baby down, at the beach, park, even at home, anywhere indoors or out.  It could be used for tummy time or play time, and it could also be used with toddlers for floor play or book time, rest time, or for older kids.  It had to be big enough, but foldable.  So, we had it sewn in panels for easy folding and portability.  We also did the hats because they’re cute and also good for protecting babies from the sun. 

beach baby product

The Original Product Idea

A Beach Baby Invention

Or initial baby sun shading product invention is still in the works.  We are redesigning some of the mechanics and really focusing on safety.  We do plan to launch it in the not-too-distant future, and we’re thinking we might do a crowd-funding campaign with it.  Check back with us or sign up for our newsletter for updates.

lori granieri

Founder’s Background

It’s Varied

I’ve always considered myself creative, an artist.  I guess I would say that I’m a designer and entrepreneur.  I’m also a mom and a wife.  In terms of jobs I’ve had, here are some: I’ve been a journalist, writer, PR person, and, most recently, a School Psychologist.  I have always come back to creating, though.  It’s my passion – creating, designing, making, planning, imaging, picturing.  I love the beach, traveling, family time, kids, babies, dogs, and fun, cute whimsical things.

Giving Back

We Care About Kids and Families

When starting our company, we knew we wanted to have charity as part of our core business model.  We also wanted to donate to organizations that benefit children and families.  We decided to start in our own community, and have partnered with local charitable organization, Step Up Ventura, who provides therapeutic services and access to childcare and preschool for children ages zero to five who are affected by homelessness or at risk of homelessness.  A portion of every purchase of a Kabana Kids product is donated to this amazing organization and cause! 

nautical bag and mat


About Our Products

Beachy Diaper Bags and Play Mats

Kabana Kids’ coordinating Beachy Diaper Bags and Play Mats are perfect for families on-the-go!  They are versatile and multi-functional, and are great for the beach, the park, and everywhere else – indoors or out.  The mats fold up easily and fit into the bags, which also have room for other essentials.  Mix and match your bag and mat, available in fun beachy color and print combinations.

beachy diaper bags

Beachy Diaper Bags

Kabana Kids’ signature style, beachy chic all-purpose diaper bags are made from the highest quality materials including non-toxic, eco-friendly waterproof vegan leather on the bottom.  They include both tote straps and backpack straps for added versatility and convenience.  They are large and roomy, fully lined, and have pockets inside and outside and a zip-top closure.  A folded up Beachy Play Mat fits perfectly inside with room leftover for other items.  The diaper bag can also be used as a beach bag, overnight bag, and everything bag. 

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blue beachy play mat

Beachy Play Mats

Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats are soft and cozy on top and water resistant underneath, making them perfect for indoors and outdoors – at the beach, the park or anywhere you go.  They come in fun, beachy prints, and coordinate with Beachy Diaper Bags.  The mats also fold up easily and fit inside diaper bags, making them portable and convenient and great for traveling.  They can be used with a baby, toddler, or older child, as well as with multiple children, and even with adults.  Use them for resting and naptime, playing or reading a book, tummy time, and snuggling on (there’s room for baby and you). 

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beach baby sun hats

Beachy Baby Sun Hats

Our adorable baby sun hats are made from 100% cotton, designed in a casual petal style, and feature a variety of fun and beachy colors and prints.  They’re available in small, medium and large, and fit babies from newborn through 18 months.

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pineapple onesie

Beachy Baby Bodysuits

Featuring my whimsical, beachy drawings, our Bodysuits (onesies) are short-sleeved, 100% cotton with silkscreened designs and tagless labels, and come in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.  I’m working on new designs as well.

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In the Works

We are working on additional fun, beachy products, including more onesie and t-shirt designs, sundresses for babies, toddlers, and older girls, our original sun-shading system, accessories, and more.

Please feel free to send us your comments with us at lori@kabanakids.com.  Also, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram: @kabanakids.  We’d love it if you tag photos that include our products with #kabanakids!  You can check out our more of blog posts here.