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Cute and Creative Themed Baby Gift Baskets

Cute and Creative Themed Baby Gift Baskets 0

Are you looking for creative baby shower gift ideas?  Themed gift baskets, bundles, boxes or sets make the perfect gift for babies and moms- and dads-to-be.  Pick a theme based on something cute and fun, maybe something the baby's parents are in to, and create a bundle from there!  

Start with a cute basket. box, bin, container, or hamper, that coordinates with your theme, and fill it with fun and useful baby items like clothing, toys, teethers, books, accessories, decorative items, night lights, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, pacifiers, and more.

You can also include essential items (great for filler for larger bins), such as diapers, wipes, toiletries, swaddle blankets, etc.

Here are three themed baby gift basket ideas based on three of Kabana Kids' Beachy Baby Bodysuits -- Pineapple, Surfer, and Mermaid.

Pineapple Themed Baby Gift Basket 

For our Sweet Pineapple themed gift basket, we used a small pink and white bin and filled it with cute pineapple products.  You can also use this large pineapple print storage bin (pictured in the back) if you have lots of items to fill it with (this would be a good one for including large packages of diapers).  Pineapple themed items include Kabana Kids' Sweet Pineapple Beachy Baby Bodysuit, a pink bow that matches the onesie, a coordinating pineapple plush toy, (the cutest ever) pink sparkly pineapple embellished sandals, a yellow pineapple teether, pineapple print sun hat, pineapple swaddle blanket, and a pineapple baby wipes holder.You can get our Sweet Pineapple Beachy Baby Bodysuit here!  Our little matching Sweet Pineapple plush will be available soon.  Other items can be found on Amazon.


Surfer Themed Baby Gift Basket

This one is perfect for surfer families with a little surf baby on the way!  We started with Kabana Kids' Surf Baby bodysuit (get it here) and found some cute surf-related items that coordinate with it.  For the basket, we used a great storage bin with waves on it (at Target).  We filled it with our surf baby onesie, a blue waves blanket (coming soon), light-up surfers bath toy (Target), toy ring (Target), nautical teethers, little toy crabs, and "Surfer Baby on Board" car sign (all on Amazon).

Mermaid Themed Baby Gift Basket

For a mermaid themed baby gift basket, we found this adorable mermaid storage bin (on Amazon) and filled it with goodies that coordinate with Kabana Kids' Mermaid Vibes bodysuit (get it here).  Items included a crocheted mermaid tail, mermaid themed head bands, mermaid pacifier holder, mermaid doll, and "Three Little Mermaids" book (all on Amazon).