Portable Play Mats for Outings with Little Ones

Portable Play Mats for Outings with Little Ones

Have you ever been somewhere and wanted or needed to let your little one sit and play on the floor for a bit?  But you couldn’t because you didn’t have anything to protect them from the dirty surface?

In these situations, having a ready-to-use play mat with you can be really helpful!

Getting out and about with babies and toddlers requires some planning.  Sometimes we try to time it just right, when they’re fed, changed, and ready to nap.  But, sometimes, things don’t go as planned.  Sometimes, they’re not tired.  Or, they are tired, but won’t sleep.  Sometimes they don’t want to be in their stroller or car seat.  Sometimes, littles get antsy, and need to stretch their little limbs.  On the floor is where they want to be.  Right now.  Pronto. 

What they need is a mat that is large enough for a baby to lie on or a toddler or older child to sit on, spread out on, and stretch, play, read, snuggle, etc. 

A play mat can be a great protective barrier between a child and the floor or ground.  And while a blanket or towel can sometimes do the trick, there are times when you want a little bit of padding. 

Kabana Kids’ portable Beachy Play Mats were made with this purpose in mind.  They’re big enough to allow little ones to spread out, but compact and easy to fold and stash so you can take them with you.  And, they coordinate cohesively with Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats, making not only an adorable put-together ensemble, but also allowing you maximum portability and convenience.

Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats are made with soft cotton on top, water resistant nylon underneath, and light padding in between.  And, they’re sewn in panels, making them quick and easy to fold up and take with you.

They are perfect for those times when your little one needs a little floor time, no matter where you are – at a friend’s house, in a waiting room, at an older child’s sporting event or dance class, at the airport, in a hotel room, at the zoo, the park, at home, anywhere.  They’re also great for the beach, at the pool, on a picnic, or lounging in your backyard. 

Many Uses for Play Mats

Take your playmat with you wherever you go!  You can fold it up and put it in your diaper bag, and have it with you for when you need it.  It can come in handy in lots of locations and circumstances.  For example:

  • Multi-Functional -- Playmats are useful for resting, sleeping, tummy time, playing, picnicking, lounging, reading or looking at a book, coloring or drawing, diaper changing, playing a game, cuddling, and more. Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats are large enough for older kids too, for more than one child at a time, and for parents and kids to snuggle together. 

For Babies

  • Playmats offer several benefits, including fun and entertainment, a diversion and new perspective, a break for the little one and parent, and developmental benefits.
  • For babies, playmats allow them to stretch out on their back, roll over onto tummy, push up with arms (tummy time), practice rolling over, crawling.
  • You can lay your baby down, or sit them up (depending on age), and give them some toys, teethers, or board books to explore. You can also place an activity bar with dangling toys above them, or turn them over for some tummy time (with a support pillow and toys). 

For Toddlers and Older Kids

  • For toddlers, playmats are great for playing with all sorts of toys and looking at books. For older kids, playmats are perfect for lounging and reading a book, playing with toys, or playing a game.

For Gifts

  • Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats make a great gift. Pair them with some toys, books, or other items that go with their theme, and you have a thoughtful, unique, fun and useful gift set!

For Traveling

  • Play mats are great for traveling. When paired with a Kabana Kids Beachy Diaper Bag (also an amazing beach, pool, overnight and everyday bag), you can take your Beachy Play Mat with you everywhere you go! 

About Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats

Kabana Kids’ Beachy Play Mats feature fun, whimsical, beachy prints, and they coordinate with, fit into, and pair perfectly with Beachy Diaper Bags.  Together, this combination is perfect for parents who like to get out and about with their children.  The mats fold up easily and fit inside these bags, which can also be carried as backpacks.  Families who like to travel, go on day trips or outings, and share fun experiences together will especially love these bags and mats.  Here is some more information:

Beachy Play Mat Highlights:

  • Convenient, Versatile, Multi-Functional, Multi-Purpose, Handy, Sustainable
  • Goes and grows with your family
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be used for babies, toddlers, and older kids, even with more than one kid
  • Large enough for you to sit on with your child
  • Adorable, whimsical prints


  • Highest quality, safe materials
  • Exceptionally well made
  • Soft, 100% cotton on top, water resistant nylon on bottom, light padding in between
  • Sewn in four panels to fold up easily


  • Portable
  • Fold up and pack into bag
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Machine washable


  • Cute, colorful, whimsical beachy prints
  • Luxurious, soft fabric
  • Match/coordinate with our diaper bags


  • Getting out and about with little ones
  • Traveling
  • Conveniently fit into bag, ready to use when you need it
  • Take it with you wherever you go
  • Comes in handy for lots of things
  • Great gift

See our Beachy Play Mat collection here.  See our Bag and Play Mat Bundles here.

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